Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Months Old

If I needed proof that time flies, all I have to do is remember that Michael Perry is already two months old. He crossed that milestone this week. Now that he is a "big boy," we are getting smiles, coos, and even a few straight hours of sleep at night - though I'm still getting plenty of time on the graveyard shift. To make the event all the sweeter, he enjoyed the celebration with Auntie Em and Uncle Marcus.

Emily and Marcus came in for a little visit. It was one part family visiting, one part wedding planning, and one part Raleigh touring. First and foremost, Emily and Marcus wanted to meet their nephew and catch up with Jaley and Sarah. As required, they made sure to spoil all three with love and goodies. Second, they have decided to have their wedding reception in Raleigh (lucky us). Since Chicago isn't around the corner, they squeezed in everything from food tasting to center piece planning. Third, they are hoping to escape the cold winters in Chicago and make the Triangle their new home (even luckier us). So they checked out the area and even a couple of places to live.

Emily returned home yesterday, so it is back to the grindstone. I am trying to get organized around the house before the craziness of the holidays fully hits. Though I don't think organized and three kids is an attainable goal.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My List for Santa - More on My Medical Drama

It has been a while since I droned on about my health issues, so no time like the present. Since the arrival of Michael Perry, my mysterious pain has been a million times better. I, however, am far from cured. I figure I'm back to where I was this time last year. I'm in pain, but still going on about life. Trust me, after too many months in bed, going on about my life is something for which I am very thankful.

Now that there are no babies on the way, it is time to find a full cure. So the only item on my list for Santa is a cure for my two years of mystery pain (I saved all my other gifts for my list for Scott). Santa is trying to deliver my gift a wee bit early - in the name of Dr. John Steege. He is the head of the UNC Pelvic Pain Center. He is one of the nation's top docs for treating "unique" (code word for we don't know what's wrong) cases of chronic pelvic pain. In other words, he's the doc for me and my problems. Lucky, for me Santa put this great doctor just a few miles from our house. I have had two appointments at the pain center and so far they still have don't know the root cause of my pain - but we have a plan to figure out.

On Dec. 10th, Dr. Steege will perform pain mapping surgery. It is a procedure where they not only take a look inside to try and figure out what's wrong - but they also ask me personally what hurts. I will be (partially) awake during that part of the surgery and hopefully be able to point them to the problem. Once they find the exact problem, it will be time to send me off for a good deep sleep and then the surgeon will do his magic and fix me up once and for all.

At least that is the theory. Though this is not a guaranteed cure, the process is successful most of the time. After seeing just about every doctor in the area, I am convinced that Dr. Steege is finally the right doc for my problem. So now that Santa has delivered up the doctor and my appointment in the OR, I just need Santa to throw in a little bit of luck that Dr. Steege and his team will figure out the problem on Dec. 10th and fix it on the spot.

With me facing yet another surgery, it is a bit of a mad dash around here. This time around we have 3 kids not 2, and we have that whole "get ready for the holidays thing happening." So right now, it feels like Dec. 20th, I'm in a mad dash to get the gifts bought, wrapped, and shipped. As far as the Harrell Christmas - this year if it ain't done by Dec. 9 it ain't getting done. Because as of Dec. 10, I'm back on the couch for a while.

I'm sure hoping that I'm on Santa's nice list. If he delivers on all of my wishes, I'll be cured and on my way to a full recovery by the time he loads up his sleigh.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tricks & Treats

It seems that the opossum was our only Halloween trick. Everything else was all treats. And there were treats galore - since we celebrated Halloween for almost the entire month of October (giving us many photo ops of the kids). With more wardrobe changes than a Hollywood blockbuster, we were happy to reuse a few costumes from last year.

As for our opossum, he decided that the Harrell home wasn't for him. We tried to roll him out in the garbage can - that didn't work. We tried to shew him out with a broom - that didn't work. We tried to lure him into a (no-harm) trap with cat food - that didn't work. In the end, he just moseyed out on his own. We sealed the lids on the garage cans and with nothing to eat - he headed on his way.

With Halloween gone and Thanksgiving not quite here, we are busy with the boring stuff of regular life. Scott is back to travel and in San Jose this week. Thankfully my mom is staying with me to help out this week. I'm definitely not ready to fly solo with the three kids yet. Sarah is tracked out of school and going to a sports camp. They play hard all day - she is asleep before I turn off the lights at night. Jaley is taking art classes and fully enjoying that. And Michael Perry is growing fast. He gave me his first giant smile this week - which is like crack for new moms.

This weekend will definitely have more excitement. Scott's sister and her fiance, Marcus, are coming to town. They are thinking of moving to Raleigh (cross your fingers) and want to check out the area. But, even more they want to meet Michael Perry and spoil Sarah and Jaley.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.