Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tricks & Treats

It seems that the opossum was our only Halloween trick. Everything else was all treats. And there were treats galore - since we celebrated Halloween for almost the entire month of October (giving us many photo ops of the kids). With more wardrobe changes than a Hollywood blockbuster, we were happy to reuse a few costumes from last year.

As for our opossum, he decided that the Harrell home wasn't for him. We tried to roll him out in the garbage can - that didn't work. We tried to shew him out with a broom - that didn't work. We tried to lure him into a (no-harm) trap with cat food - that didn't work. In the end, he just moseyed out on his own. We sealed the lids on the garage cans and with nothing to eat - he headed on his way.

With Halloween gone and Thanksgiving not quite here, we are busy with the boring stuff of regular life. Scott is back to travel and in San Jose this week. Thankfully my mom is staying with me to help out this week. I'm definitely not ready to fly solo with the three kids yet. Sarah is tracked out of school and going to a sports camp. They play hard all day - she is asleep before I turn off the lights at night. Jaley is taking art classes and fully enjoying that. And Michael Perry is growing fast. He gave me his first giant smile this week - which is like crack for new moms.

This weekend will definitely have more excitement. Scott's sister and her fiance, Marcus, are coming to town. They are thinking of moving to Raleigh (cross your fingers) and want to check out the area. But, even more they want to meet Michael Perry and spoil Sarah and Jaley.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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