Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home and Resting

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support. I headed off to UNC hospital on Thursday and was home by Friday. I wouldn't say, I'm good as new yet, but I hope to be soon. While I did have surgery, I didn't have the pain mapping part. Much to the frustration of my surgeons, the anesthesiologist didn't want any audience participation from me. After a bunch of bickering amongst the docs (or dare I say fighting), we decided to skip the pain mapping, proceed with the hysterectomy, and hope that it solves the problem.

Everything went well in the surgery. However, I was in the recovery room for forever. The nurse told Scott I was just sleeping like a baby. I told Scott, I was just enjoying the opportunity to sleep for once without a baby. I was discharged on Friday and happy to be home. Typical of the hospital, after my long slumber in recovery, I didn't enjoy too much more rest. The lights were on all night and there were about a zillion people in and out.

The rest of the weekend, I became queen of the castle. I lounged in my room. Jan and Mike tirelessly entertained the girls and did the work around the house. Scott took care of me and Michael Perry. My mom took over when Jan and Mike returned home Monday, she has been cooking, washing clothes, and carpooling kids ever since. As of the start of the week, I have graduated to lounging on the couch. Though, I am still enjoying my queen status.

As of today, I am feeling much better. As is always the case with me, I am battling a couple of random medical mysteries. All weekend, I felt really dizzy, I had trouble seeing, and my eyes were dilated. I seemed like I had been double dipping in the pain meds. However, I hadn't taken any of the "good" pain meds, because they make me sick. Instead, I was trying to make due with just my friends Tylenol and Advil. I turns out I had a bad reaction to the anti-nausea meds that I got at the hospital. Yes, the stuff to make me feel better, made me feel worse.

As I said before, today I'm feeling much better. Now that I'm a close to a week post-op, the Advil and Tylenol are now plenty strong enough to keep the pain in check. My head is (mostly) clear. I am seeing well enough and should be back in my contact lens by Thursday. I am even planning to leave the house tonight to see Sarah's holiday show at school. I'll finally even get out of my PJ's.

Time will only tell if my pain problems are solved, but I am hopeful. The doctors, though not sure of the exact cause of problem, felt that a hysterectomy would most likely solve it. So now I need to get back to the TV. I'm sure there is some infomercial or soap opera that I am missing.

Once again, thanks for all the well wishes. That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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Di said...

I hope the pain goes away soon. Maybe Santa will bring you good meds that DON'T make you sick. In the meantime, feel better oh fair Queen!