Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where Did the Decade Go?

In just a few hours 2010 will be upon us. Scott and I are once again resolving to have a boring year. This year we enjoyed the wonderful arrival of Michael Perry, but also more drama than we wanted. So a little bit of boring is sounding perfect for 2010.

With the change to the new decade, I was thinking back ten years ago. Scott and I were unemployed grad students living off the our good friend Stafford Loan. Our only responsibilities were knowing the best places for happy hour deals and remembering to occasionally feed Buford, our cat. Today the list of responsibilities is long. Just like most of you, today there are the kids, the house, the bills, and all the stuff of real life. Plus, we still have to remember to occasionally feed Buford.

If you would have asked me on 12/31/99 what the decade had in store, I would have had lots of ideas and dreams and goals. And if you asked me today how many of them came true - I would say not too many. But that is just fine, because I wouldn't trade my life for all the tea in China. Sometimes the surprises that are the best part.

I could spout off lots of thoughts about what this new decade has in store, but I won't because I already know that it most likely won't turn out as I expect. Instead, I'll close with a couple of funny things from the kids during the holiday season.

Michael Perry - Thanksgiving Day, Just as the Turkey Came Out of the Oven - He treated us to his all-time biggest, messiest, need a bath now, diaper blow-out. So much for a hot meal - maybe next year.

Sarah - Before Christmas - "I want to ask Santa for a machine that cleans up the playroom for me." While your at it, ask Santa for a machine to clean up the house and do the grocery shopping for me.

Jaley - On Christmas Morning - "Wow drums. I didn't even want that." It was on the top of her Santa list, just the week before.

Who knows what the next decade holds, but I guarantee that the kids will give us many more laughs.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Happy 91st Birthday Grandpa Harrell. Lots of Love.

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