Friday, December 4, 2009

You know your a Mom when...

Monday morning we weren't running smoothly, we were just running late. It is Sarah's first day back to school after track out and we are all a bit sluggish after a four day weekend. With the final school bell nearing, I need to get the kids out the door. Some chant "ohm" or "peace," in the mornings I chant "put on your shoes."

With keys in hand, I realize Michael Perry needs a diaper change. So at lightning speed I whip him out of his wet diaper and into a dry one. He is ready to go and I just need to dispose of the nappy, when Jaley spills a glass of milk on the floor. I whip out the Swiffer Wetjet (what did we do be for mini-mops) and have the kitchen floor milk free in record time. Out the door we go.

Jaley is the first drop off. I get quite a few strange looks from the other moms, but I just chalk it up thinking that my hair is a mess or there is spit up on my shirt - both daily events. Sarah is the second drop off. I get a few angry glances in the carpool line, but I think that is because we are holding up traffic when Sarah jumps out of the car and forgets to shut the door - leaving me to jump out of the car and shut it for her.

Then, I am back home hollering at Scott that he needs to hop in the car - NOW. We are late for an appointment for him to get some medical testing. He gave me a couple of strange looks, but he was just feeling awful from the pre-appointment medication - so I just ignored them.

I drive like a bat out of you know where and get us to the doctor's on time. I get more strange glances in the office, but I figure that's because I'm nursing Michael Perry and no one really wants to see my boobs. The nurse calls Scott back and tells me he should be done in about an hour. Lil' Junior, now fed, is still fussy. I decide to take him for a little walk outside. As I walk out the door, I look down at myself for the first time since I brushed my teeth. There sticking out of the pocket of my jacket is Michael Perry's dirty diaper. Between the rush and the spilled milk, I guess I shoved it in my pocket instead of the garbage can. And now, I have gone to three different places, seen about 50 different people - all with a diaper hanging off me. I was horrified for a second, then I was laughing hysterically. And that my friends is when you truly know your a mom...

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

P.S. The results of Scott's testing were fine. He left with a couple of pieces of advice from the doctor and a timeline for follow-up, but overall a clean bill of heath (a big blessing for us).

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