Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look Who's 5 Months Old

Our little guy is 5 months old! However, he isn't so little anymore.

He is making up for his small size when the stork dropped him off. I switched out all the 0-3 month clothes at the end January. Over the weekend, his pants 3-6 month pants looked like capris (not a good look on a boy). I boxed up all of that size and brought out the 6-9 month clothes. And, those clothes are already looking a little tight - he may be onto 12-month before he passes half a year.

With all that growing, I can hardly keep him full. If this is how much a boy eats at 5 months, I'm in big trouble when he is 15. I'll have to make my runs to Sam's club with an 18-wheeler. I'm trying to convince him that rice cereal is delicious, but so far he is preferring an all liquid diet. I can't blame him, rice cereal doesn't look, smell or seem very appealing. Maybe he will dive right into the fruits and veggies, they are coming up soon.

In addition to growing, our little guy is doing all the things he should. But of all the great tricks he has learned, he has decided to give up his sleeping through the night trick. He is starving at 4AM and I'm his personal gravy train. With he recent growth spurt, it is no surprise. But as the mommy, I sure do miss a good night's sleep.

As for the rest of the house, Scott is in CA this week. I'm flying solo with all 3 kids and so far am keeping it together. Sarah is tracked out of school and getting into the Olympic spirit by going to an ice skating camp (how cool - pun intended). Jaley is chilling with me and we just finished feeding her baby dolls lunch.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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