Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegas Baby

We need to take Sarah and Jaley to Vegas. They are just that lucky. Last weekend, we were at a birthday party at Frankie's (a grown up Chuck-E-Cheeses'). The birthday boy gave everyone tokens to play some of the games. Both girls hit it big.

Jaley put her money in one of the claw machines. The type that entices kids with great toys inside, but never grabs a prize. Except this time it did - to the tune of her very own Webkinz puppy. Not 5 minutes later, Sarah played the Price Is Right type wheel. The type that dangles the chance of a big jackpot of tickets, but never hits. Except this time it did - to the tune of 1000 tickets.

Like I said we need to take them to Vegas. Maybe that will be our new investment strategy - take our lucky girls to the casino and have them guess numbers at the roulette table.

Beyond our gambling girls, life here is pretty good. We even went to the circus last night. The Greatest Show on Earth was pretty darn good. The girls loved it and so did Michael. He was amazed by the lights and colors.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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Di said...

Can you ask Jaley if she has any stock tips? I'm always looking for a winner!