Saturday, April 17, 2010

Motherhood (aka Spider Snatcher)

Every time I think I'm fully trained as a mom, I have to add another skill to my resume. This week - Spider Snatcher. On Thursday, Jaley, Michael and I are grocery shopping. I look up and see a big, yucky spider crawling in Michael's car seat/carrier right above his head. I try to shush it away. This spider isn't any old wimpy spider; it holds it ground. I try again and it crawls right onto Michael. Being that Michael is a baby, he could care less that a spider was on his head. As for me, I was starting to freak out. I try to grab it this time, but it's 8 legs are too quick for my 2 fingers. It scurries right down Michael's onesie. Now, I'm definitely freaked out. Michael could still care less. I had to whip him out of his car seat and strip him down at lightning speed. The 5-point harness on the car seat and the 84 snaps on his outfit had other ideas. Finally, I free him of both items and spy the spider sitting right on his backside. Michael received his first (and last) spanking - and that spider was taken care of. Now, I'm no longer freaking out, but Michael is. Turns out he didn't really like that smack on his derriere. I smoother him with a whole bunch of kisses and he is good to go. With Spider Snatcher mastered, next week I'm onto Ghost Wrangling.

Spiders aside, it has been a good week. Michael is officially 7 months old. This month he found out that toys are fun. He also sprouted his first tooth. And he has learned how to crawl - albeit backwards. He is on the move and I need to hurry up and re-baby proof the house. The girls' toys and much of my own junk is far from baby safe.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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