Sunday, June 20, 2010

Look Dad - No Hands - I'm 9 months old

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. I hope you are enjoying the day kicked back and relaxed. If instead, you are chasing kids around, I guess you are officially "dadified."

Thinking about fatherhood this week, I had a realization. In the world of moms, I think we ladies tend to feel more changed by parenthood than our father-partners. We become "momified" and we think that fathers don't become "dadified." Well, I'm hear to tell you this believe just isn't true. Oh I have definitely become momified - I run carpool wearing sweats and make-up, feel that a pony tail is the height of hair fashion, and have trouble starting conversations without the phrase, "The kids..." But it turns out dads become "dadified" too. I saw the proof at the gym just this week. There was a man - a dad - quietly working out with free weights. He took a break to enjoy some water. Water right out of a hot pink water bottle printed with "Girls Rule." I'm sure that he needed a water bottle for the gym and this was all he could find. A 20-year old guy probably would have gone thirsty - but the dad didn't care so he brought a pink water bottle to the gym. He was officially "dadified."

So thanks to all the "dadified" fathers out there. We don't sing your praises as often as we should. We definitely don't always recognize the sacrifices you make (pink water bottles and all) To Scott, Poppa, Grandpa Perry (we miss you), Granddaddy Harrell, and Papa Bob thank you for being the wonderful fathers of my life. You are each terrific. Happy Father's Day.

In addition to celebrating Father's Day - it was time celebrate another man in my life - Michael and his 9-month birthday. Jaley's record as our earliest walker (9 months and a few days) will definitely stand (bad pun intended). However, Michael is trying hard to enter join the world of bipeds. Here he is hands-free. Unless I resort to putting weights on his feet, he will be walking soon.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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