Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Months Old - Lots to celebrate!

There is lots to celebrate around here. As of Saturday, Mick is 10-months old. Time sure does fly. I managed to catch him in diaper-only attire when we were playing in the hose to escape the summer heat. This month he sprouted some new teeth, given up baby food (which I won't miss), developed stranger anxiety (yikes), and is sooooo trying to walk. He isn't quite there, but he keeps trying (and falling).

Mick isn't the only one growing teeth this month. Sarah has her first wiggly tooth - a sure sign that her baby teeth are on the way out and her permanent teeth are on the way in. She is so excited for a visit from the tooth fairy, she is ready to take pliers to her tooth. Who can blame her it's free money.

While Jaley doesn't have any dental news, she is growing up nonetheless. She turns 4 on Tuesday 7/27. I can't believe that she already a "big kid." With Sarah teaching her the ropes, Jaley seems to be growing up even faster than her sister did. As usual, we are going to celebrate all week. The festivities start next Tuesday and continue through the weekend.

I am in the throws of the end of the semester cram. During the last 8 classes of the term, I had (have) 4 tests, 4 finals, 3 homework assignments, 1 project, and 1 presentation. My final exams start tomorrow and finish on Tuesday 7/27 - which is another reason for celebration on Jaley's birthday.

As if that wasn't enough reason to celebrate - Scott's sister is getting married on Tuesday 7/27 too!!!! It is a destination wedding for the immediate family - in beautiful St. Lucia. While we wish we could have all made the trip, it isn't really a kid-centric local. There was no chance Scott would miss watching his his little sister walk down the aisle to marry a wonderful man. Scott is headed to for a very quick trip to paradise for the wonderful event.

And that is a lot of celebrating. But it isn't quite time yet. I need to get back to the books and get ready for these finals.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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