Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We are celebrating in the 4th in the NC Mountains! We couldn't have paid for better weather. Right now the girls are with Mimi and Poppa at a 4th of July Party at the Beech Mountain Rec Center. I am waiting for Mick to wake up from his nap so I can join the fun. Last week, Sarah had a stomach virus and croup (Yes, you can still get it at 6 years old. Yes, it is still just as scary when your kid is having trouble beathing). Here in the mountains, Scott seems to have caught the stomach virus and Mick definitely has croup. Bummer, but at least the girls and I are well. Plus I was able to finagle my way into some OralPred medicine - so at least we can keep Mick's breathing in check and he doesn't sound quite as much like a barking like seal.

I'm starting to think I'm more likely to win in Vegas than take a trip as a family of five without at least one person taking ill. One of us is always passing something around to the rest of the family and our germs don't take any vacations - they just travel along with us. Since I'm taking Microbiology this semester, I guess I can even officially claim that it is true.

Of other note, Sarah officially graduated from Kindergarten last week. And while Sarah was winding out the school year, Jaley spent her first week away from home. She went to "camp" at Mimi and Poppa's house. She had so much fun she didn't even have time to get homesick. It is a good thing Mick is still a baby, because all my other kids are growing up too fast.

It is time to wind this up - there are hot dogs and apple pie waiting for me at the party.

That is life in the stroller lane. Happy 4th of July.

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