Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mama's Boy

Mick said his first word - MAMA. I couldn't be happier. For the girls, mama was way down the list of early words. I had to wait until Sarah was 18 months. She said dog before mama - we don't even own a dog. It turns out, I am "top dog" for Mick - mama is definitely his first word.

As great as hearing his first word - the back story is even better. For weeks the girls have called me mama instead of mommy. We live in the South - I didn't think much of it. A few days ago, I asked Jaley why mama instead of mommy. She said, "it's a secret, but I'm going to tell you anyhow." Jaley then explained that Sarah wanted Mick to learn mama. Sarah felt the best way to teach Mick was by example. In a secret pack together, Sarah and Jaley started calling me mama to teach Mick. Not only did their plan work, I never caught on. Don't tell Jaley and Sarah that I know their secret, but that story was just too kind and sweet not to share. It is the kind of thing that assures me I have the best kids in the world.

Mick wasn't the only one getting educated this week. Sarah and I are back to school. Sarah is a big-kid first grader now. She is had a great start to the new year and loves her new teacher. I had a chance to meet Mrs. Burr last week. I agree with Sarah, she seems great.

After two semesters of a 45 minute commute, terrible parking, and an early start, I am very much enjoying my online class. It is go at your own pace and I work right from home. I could definitely get used to this online school thing - though this is a one time deal. The rest of my classes will be hands on - which is definitely a good thing for nursing.

With summer winding down, we are trying to get in the last of our playtime. We went to the beach last weekend. It was a great time thanks to the Olivas, our terrific hosts. We even caught a few crabs from the docks. For Labor Day, we are off to the mountains. Simply stated, things are pretty darn good around here.

That is life stroller lane.

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