Friday, October 22, 2010

Do You Really Want Your Kids to Be Quiet?

As much as I say to the kids, "please be quiet," it seems like every time they are actually quiet, they are up to something. Is that the case in your house, too?

Yesterday, Mick was really quiet. After a minute went by, I went exploring. He had figured out how to open the baby gate and he was playing with the cat food. At least I hope he was playing with it, because I sure hope he wasn't eating it.

Last weekend, the girls disappeared upstairs. We didn't hear a peep for about 45 minutes. Then, they descended the stairs to reveal Jaley's updated hairstyle. If you were wondering, they put 97 clips in her hair.

Beyond unlocking babygates Houdini-style and trying out new hairstyles, life here is pretty good. We picked pumpkins right out the field at a pumpkin farm. We got lost in a corn maze only to be saved by one of the workers watching from a cherry picker overhead. We enjoyed a short visit with my cousin and her family last weekend. They survived the chaos we call regular life. Sarah conquered another spelling test. And best of all, Scott got some bad news from the doctor on Monday, that was complete reversed on Tuesday. Thankfully, he is still as healthy as a horse.

The big countdown is on to Auntie Em's wedding reception. We are t-minus 8 days. We are so excited to see Emily, Marcus, and spend time with family and friends next week. We can't wait.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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