Saturday, November 27, 2010

All I Want for Christmas...

We may still be eating Turkey, but as of 12:01 Black Friday morning we are officially on to Christmas. And I'm telling you now, all I want for Christmas is a sleeping baby. Why don't my babies sleep through the night? Mick is 14 months old and we are still waiting for him to give up the graveyard shift. I was up 4 times last night and Scott was up 3 times. I finally gave it up at 4:30AM and decided to get a jump on the day. It seems to be genetic. Read some old blog posts and you will hear this same story told about other babies of mine. Not to mention there are crummy sleepers on both the Harrell and Pereira family trees.

Over the past 14 months (plus 6 prior years of practice with Jaley and Sarah), we have tried just about every method there is. We have tried Mindell, Ferber, Brazelton, and Sears. We have tried the advice of first-time moms and great grandmothers. We have tried tough love and co-sleeping. We even tried something called Baby Whisperers. None have worked - and trust me we have tried.

Our current approach is a new one. Mick is on a no dairy, no soy diet (he seems to have the same food allergy issues Jaley once did). Plus, we are trying to keep Mick's room allergen-free. The diet restrictions are really tough (dairy and soy are in EVERYTHING). Those are easy compared to keeping the cats out of Mick's room. Since this probably won't work either, it is time to ask the big man himself.

Santa please bring me a sleeping baby for Christmas!!! No other gifts needed!!!

On the positive side, most of my online Christmas shopping was done before the sun rose this morning and I arrived at the gym before it opened. Heck, it's been a full day and it isn't even happy hour yet.

Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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