Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Stroller This Weekend

Before I even start, I have to say thanks to my wonderful husband. He is on day 4 of a cold and day 3 of watching all three kids by himself. Despite what we moms sometimes think, dads really can man the fort without us - from spelling test to lunch packing to midnight wake ups he has juggled the Harrell clan this weekend. From the reports on the phone, he has juggled the clan quite well.

And where am I? I am in paradise. I am on a much delayed (about 3 years) mother-daughter get-away. We started in Charlotte, planning to enjoy the sites of the city. Instead we shopped for 7 hours (yes, 7) at the Outlet Mall. We were carrying so many bags my mom has tendinitis in her elbow. Now that is power-shopping.

Making sure not to miss out on all of Charlotte - we spent that evening - drinking and eating our way through the city. We never got passed the appetizer menu at any restaurant, but somehow managed a five-course meal before we called it a night. Unfortunately, we called it a night before much of the rest of the city. There was a late night club right next to our hotel, that didn't wrap up the music until 3:30AM. I'm definitely getting old, because I neither wanted to be at the party nor could I sleep through the racket.

Our poor night's sleep was no problem, because next we were off to a "rustic-chic" spa in the Smokey Mountains. We have indulged in spa treatments, gained zen with morning yoga, and reacquainted with nature hiking through the Smokey's. I have read one book and five magazines. I have taken long showers and just sat and relaxed. It is so far from the regular routine, it feels sinful. Did I mention nightly wine and cheese? It has been a fabulous get-away at Lakeview at Fontana, I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow it is time to go home. Scott will hand over the reins and head out of town for work. After a few days away, I'm ready to get back to the kids and Scott. I miss my little chick-a-dees.

But it isn't tomorrow yet. Evening wine is starting in two minutes and a massage is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

That is life in the no stroller lane.

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Priti said...

So glad you got your well deserved weekend away! Sounds like a really wonderful trip. Can't wait to catch up with you!