Friday, November 5, 2010

Wow - that's a busy week!

Some week's I wonder where they days went, I don't get anything done. This week was not the case. I mean, wow, I don't think I could have squeezed much more in - so here's the run down....

Emily and Marcus's Wonderful Wedding Reception
It is definitely the TOP of the list. When your sister gets married it is pretty special. Add in Jaley and Sarah as the leaf (flower) girls, a "not-quite rehearsal" reheasal dinner, and the arrival of all of the Kennedy, Harrell, and Beeman families into little ol' Raleigh and that is one hell of a big event.

Emily and Marcus are the perfect couple and we had a fabulous time. They included us in every event and all the celebrating. Though they might have used a little less of us, especially when Mick threw up in the car as were were arriving at the reception. We hadn't even taken pictures yet and he needed a complete change and a bath. Apparently three kids had brought some wisdom - and I'm always prepared. We had towels, soap, and even an extra suit ready - JUST IN CASE.

Tricks, treats, and the ER.
The party didn't stop when the reception ended - Halloween was the very next day. The kids woke up ready to tackle the day and tackle they did. We will never be quite sure what happened. One second, Jaley was putting on her shirt, and the next second she had whiplash. Best we can tell is that Jaley's turtle neck shirt was stuck half way over her head. Her shirt got tugged one way and her neck tugged the other. Her neck didn't like that.

By 10AM we were in the ER. Good news no bone or major ligament damage. Bad news her neck is going to hurt for about a week. Thanks to the strong meds in the ER - Jaley felt well enough to go trick-or-treating to a couple houses. Thanks to the Carson's who took Sarah out on a big trick-or-treating trip. At our house, wardrobe malfunction now has nothing to do with Janet Jackson.

Tests and Term Papers
Just to remind me that still have a regular life, school was at full speed too. I had to write the big term paper for my class, go to Orientation at UNC, and take this 4-hour standardized test - that involved lots of long-division and no calculator. UNC wants proof of all my vaccinations. That is hard enough at my age, (where the heck are all those records???!!!!), but it is darn near impossible since most of the immunizations they require didn't exist when I was a baby. I had Chicken Pox the old fashioned way - I itched for a couple of weeks and infected the other kids that hadn't had it yet.

That is the last 7 days at our house and life in the stroller lane.

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