Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Very Own Traveling Circus

Monday was vet day. I hate vet day. It isn't the actual veterinarian, he's very nice. It is the process of getting the cats to the vet. And while every vet day is a zoo, Monday was a full on circus.

Tennessee was snowed in and Scott's flight home was canceled. While he wasn't flying anywhere, I was here in NC flying solo. Getting three kids ready in the morning wasn't the problem, it was getting the two cats corralled.

Epy, in most regards, isn't the sharpest cat of the bunch. But when it comes to hiding, she might as well be Einstein. When I am lucky enough to find her, she is faster than a greased pig.

We were 20 minutes to departure and the hunt began. Armed with kitty treats, I started searching the house. My first find, under the Christmas tree, was soon a fast escape on her part. Over the next 20 minutes, I ran up and down, in and out, but couldn't catch her. The kitty treats were long lost and it was past time for Sarah's bus. Finally, with the help of Sarah wielding a roll of wrapping paper, Jaley making noise for distraction, and me lodged half way under my bed, I caught her and got her in the cat carrier.

Next up, Buford. Catching him wasn't the problem. He is 14 and mellow. The problem is that we only have one cat carrier. Now, the conundrum. How do I load the kids, do the school drop offs, and have a cat loose in the car? I figured I would learn on the go. With Buford in my arms, I drove down the street steering with my knee. I see a few parents walking back from the bus stop and know we've missed the bus. Then, my luck turns, the bus is still loading. I stop the car, Sarah slides the door open, hops out, and slams the door. Sarah out, Buford in - success at the first drop off.

Next up Jaley's school. This is trickier, I have to get Jaley , Mick and myself out of the car, without letting Buford escape. Bufor, was still confused from the ride, so we managed to slip out of the car. We drop Jaley and then back in the car again. Buford, is prepared this time. He is ready for the escape. Somehow, I manage to toss the baby in and slip myself in and grab Buford by the tail before he jumps out. He is screeching, but at least he isn't on the loose 6 miles from home.

We are off again. We are at the vet and, of course, the closest parking spot is a mile away. Another conundrum. Who do I unload first? The cat or the kid - 'cuz I can't carry them both. I choose Buford and lock him in the bathroom at the vet - I didn't even ask permission. I just put him in there and shut the door. Then, I run out and get Mick praying that no one saw Mick alone in the car for that 90 seconds. I manage to carry Mick and carrier with Epy in it - remember her. She has been stashed in the cargo area of the car for all these stops.

After a quick visit with the vet, the assistant kindly helped me back to the car and made sure neither cat nor child escaped. I arrived home two hours later and $250 poorer. Good news, both cats are healthy. Better news, my traveling circus won't need to make the rounds for another year. Like I said, I hate vet day.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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