Monday, January 10, 2011

First Day of School

Here I am, officially, a student again. It is the first day of class. I worked so hard to get everything set. For weeks, I worked to get me ready, the house ready, the family ready, everything ready. It was supposed to be a smooth transition. Ha, that was a joke. Mick is on day 6 of a cold. One week in day care and he has already missed a day and been to the doctor. Sarah started coughing yesterday, a sure sign she is next. Jaley was up twice last night and Mick was up thrice. Snow is forecasted to start falling any minute and Sarah’s school is releasing long before I’m out of class. One of the garage doors is broken and my first class was like drinking for a fire hose. I can’t figure out how to print from my new computer and my first test is tomorrow.

All of a sudden I’m thinking that college isn’t easy. All I remember of my coed days are partying and hanging with friends. I seem to have forgotten all about actual class. Yikes!!!

So much for being prepared. To get through school, I have to readopt my youthful ways – just wing it. Send me lucky wishes and if you know a good garage door repairman send me that, too.

That is life in the stroller lane.


Anonymous said...

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Di said...

I'm taking a couple of classes too! Online, so I'm easing into the school thing.