Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Week Down

It is Saturday; we survived my first week of school. As starts go, it wasn't smooth. There was snow and then there was ice. The kids' school was canceled, mine was not. Then the sun shined, school opened again and Mick got a fever. No school for him, but still school for me.

With tons of support from Scott and my mom, Friday afternoon came and some (much) wine was drunk.

As for school itself, I have read enough pages in my text books to make any law school proud. When I wasn't reading, I was getting tested on my reading. Four quizzes the first week and more on the way.

Tough the first week was rough, I'm still happy to be back in school. The information is fascinating, the students are great, and the professors seem excellent. And like a gift on Friday afternoon, I found out I qualified for a hardship parking pass. Come next week, no more 25+ minute walk - a got a parking spot "close" to my buildings. On the UNC campus, "close" means about 1/2 mile - with sure beats my old parking space.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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