Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Student in the House

We officially have another student in the Harrell house. I just signed my baby, Jaley, up for kindergarten. Wasn't she just this big yesterday? How can she already be old enough for kindergarten? But she is! According to Wake County, Jaley makes the kindergarten cut off with more than a month to spare. Today, I paraded down to the school, filled out the paperwork, and voila she is enrolled for school coming August.

When I'm not at the elementary school, I'm at my school. This is the week when the rubber meets the road (or maybe when the crap hits the fan) - four exams and two quizzes in 5 days of class. I'm writing this now, stalling, before I study for the next exam. If you are curious, what the heck I'm learning about. Mostly, I'm learning to use lots of really big words instead of really simple one. Listen isn't good enough - nurses say auscultate. Likewise, don't say blister, when you can say bulla. And if the cat scratches my hand, apparently I have been excoriated. Don't you wish you were in nursing school?

That is life in the stroller lane.

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