Monday, March 21, 2011

Ignoring the To-Do List

Spring Break is long gone and we are back to the busy, busy routine. It is that time in the semester when everything starts stacking up. All the projects need to be finished, all the papers need to be written, and all the tests need to be taken. Plus tax day is coming and the IRS seems to expect us to file on time. Sarah's class is in the middle of a month long reading challenge, which has crazy daily assignments. Last week there was an exhausting 50 item scavenger hunt (I don't think it helped her reading, but we had fun anyhow). Scott's work is even busier than usual. Jaley started soccer and both girls started tennis. The only one chilling these days is Mick - who by the way is now 18 months old - BIG BOY!!!

The to-do list is infinitely long. Instead of trying to get it done, we have been trying to ignore it (at least part of the time). We played outside in the nice weather and we baked cookies (though that was actually a school project). Plus, the girls made this amazing sidewalk art for Scott yesterday - since he is out of town. I hope it doesn't rain - so he gets to see the work first hand.

Even better than the weather is the fact that we are all healthy. For the first time in 3 months - all 5 of us are well. No coughing, no throwing up, no fevers. Yippee!!! At least one of us has been sick with something since early-December. What a nice change.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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