Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring - Not Quite Yet

Spring started a week ago, but Mother Nature had an early April Fool happening here. It snowed this morning. Nothing stuck, but it was snowing, nonetheless. I had already put the winter coats away after last week's beautiful 85 degree days. I'm from Florida, I barely do snow in January - Snow in late-March is against my religion.

Strange weather or not, life here is good. Jaley and Mick had pictures with bunnies in preparation for Easter. Our new daycare apparently got word that I'm a sucker for buying pictures. So in came the bunnies and out came my wallet. With the help of an Easter wardrobe selection provided by Mimi's (and Poppa), my kids were the cutest ones in front of the camera (yes, I'm biased, but that what moms do).

Sarah didn't get the bunny pics, but don't worry there are a second round of school pictures at her Elementary School next week (we are hoping to erase memories of her horrible pictures in September).

Even stranger than the weather, is the fact that I'm caught up on my classwork. No worries, I'll soon be behind again. Today and for today only, I'm not in a mad rush to get everything done. Add to it that Scott is in town, no one in the house is sick, and the baby slept through the night last night - you might as well call it a Trifecta. Sometimes, life throws you an easy day - and today life did.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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