Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Boy!!!

I was hoping by the third time around, I would have the parenting toddlers thing figured out. I should be a pro. Sadly, I'm not. It turns out that raising little boys is very, very different from raising little girls. Oh yes, I have heard many a mom utter, "he is just ALL BOY!" Now I fully understand what that means. It starts with diapering (yes, sadly, I've been peed in the face) and just continues from there.

I would like to know why little boys enjoy destroying everything. It must be innate, because Sarah and Jaley certainly didn't teach Mick to use a fairy wand as a sledge hammer. They also didn't teach him that stomping on bugs is hilarious. He is a boy, and boys just do those sorts of things. Case in point, he slammed the door handle through the wall and thought his destruction was the best entertainment available. What makes his destruction even more amazing is that he somehow accomplished this feat without removing the door stop. I'm not sure how he did it, but the hole in the wall is sure proof that he did.

When Mick isn't destroying the house, he is tons of fun. He is talking up a storm, even in full sentences. The problem is that he doesn't enunciate well - so we don't have a clue what he is saying most of the time. He had a ball at his first Easter egg hunt (and was even more thrilled to learn there was candy in the eggs).

The girls are great. Sarah had a blast on her Spring Break Palooza with Mimi and Poppa. Her travels both ways were very smooth - which made me happy. It was terrific to enjoy a little one on one time with Jaley while Sarah was away.

Amid all the busyness of Easter, I managed to get another year older. It was the 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I was spoiled with not one cake, but two. First, a homemade cake by Nana and Jaley, then a surprise cake at my neighbor's Easter party. I live on the best street!!!

That is life in the stroller lane.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to Fly On Her Own

They say when the time is right a mama bird watches as her chicks leave the nest to fly on their own. I know just how that mama bird feels; today Sarah flew on her own. Thanks to Southwest airlines and an unaccompanied minor ticket, Sarah flew on her own to Florida to see Mimi and Poppa for Spring Break.

It was a great plan. Sarah's Spring Break was much later than mine. Instead of having her here while I toiled in school, she could frolic in Florida with the state's best tour guides. Way back in January, I brought the ticket, not thinking twice. Today, was a little different. It is tough for us mama birds to let go. We want our chicks to fly, but at the same time we hate for them to leave the nest. Knowing that I would probably cry at the gate, Scott took Sarah to the airport this morning (thanks, Honey). I sat in class waiting for the phone to ring. Good news! Right on time the phone rang, Sarah had landed in Florida, greeted by hugs from Mimi and Poppa. She is in for a week of fun - including Sea World, the beach, and the pool.

With Sarah in Florida, we are a temporary family of four. Jaley didn't get the Florida boondoggle (though she is already preparing for a trip for when she turns 7). We are planning to spoil her a little. Nana is going to have a cookie-baking sleepover and we are going to spend some time relaxing on the Good Friday holiday. I am also planning a few extra snuggles with Mick. He will need them. He adores Sarah and will miss her terribly this week.

For all of you mom's out there whose chicks are older than mine, I know this is just the tip of the nest leaving iceberg. I will look to you and your wisdom to coach me as my chicks flap their wings. I am going to need it.

That is life in the stroller lane.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breakaful, Fastly, and Cash Money

Learning a new language is tough, just ask the Parisians how badly I botched up French when we lived there. While my mistakes were far from endearing, the ones my kids make are too cute. I just love the little quirky words they make up as they learn English. Most of them disappear quickly, but there are those few that linger. The ones that I should correct, but I don't. Selfishly, I want to hear their cute personalizations of the English language. Plus, I know they will figure out the right way to say it soon enough.

With Sarah, my favorite was breakaful. Mommy's china was breakaful and so was Sarah's wrist on the monkey bars. Though she has long since dropped the phrase, Scott and I still sometimes say breakaful, just for fun. With Jaley it is fastly. If you ask her, she runs more fastly than any of the other kids and daddy definitely drives more fastly than mommy.

The kids are growing so fast, I know that fastly will most fastly disappear. While I miss Sarah's breakaful and am savoring Jaley's fastly, I'm looking forward to Mick's little talking mistakes. At the rate he is picking up words, he should soon have a few quirky phrases of his own.

I will fastly sum up the rest of household happenings. I just found out I got a nursing scholarship. Yippee!!! It is a grant through NC that emphasizes second career nurses - sound a little like someone you know. The timing is good as my next tuition bill is due. The girls are keeping themselves out of breakaful trouble (mostly). Conversely, Mick is always looking for breakaful trouble (and succeeding). Scott is plugging away at Cisco, working as fastly as ever.

That is life in the stroller lane.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walking in Circles - Relay for Life

Some days it feels like I'm just walking in circles. I'm moving fast, trying hard, and not really getting anywhere. Usually that is a bad thing, but today it was a glad thing. While we didn't get anywhere in distance, we definitely made a difference. The girls and I participated in the Relay for Life at UNC. Some folks walked for 20 hours, we signed up for a short 2-hour shift. The girls and I weren't up for walking all night. We left the night shift to the 20 year-old college students. We did our laps on the track during the day to raise money and awareness for Cancer and the American Cancer Society.

My hope is to catch my kids young and plant a little seed about giving back. If I'm lucky, that seed will grow. If not, at least I tried. And speaking of lucky, we sure were. The girls won NOT one, but TWO gift baskets in the raffle at the end of the relay. I need to take the girls to Vegas one of these days, they are just that lucky.

When I wasn't doing laps on the track, I was doing laps between my school and home. The girls finished tennis lessons last week, so I was up at 5:30 Tuesday morning, to make sure we could get them into swim lessons before the summer starts.

I also finagled a costume for Sarah. The author of the Aurthur books/TV Show was at Sarah's school this week for a special book reading. She didn't win the costume contest, but I thought she looked pretty cute as DW, Aurthur's aardvark sister.

Jaley and Mick are both doing well, though Mick is teething and not very happy about it. As for me, I am learning about all sorts of nasty diseases. My best advice, don't get sick. It is much easier that way.

That is life in the stroller lane.