Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All Boy!!!

I was hoping by the third time around, I would have the parenting toddlers thing figured out. I should be a pro. Sadly, I'm not. It turns out that raising little boys is very, very different from raising little girls. Oh yes, I have heard many a mom utter, "he is just ALL BOY!" Now I fully understand what that means. It starts with diapering (yes, sadly, I've been peed in the face) and just continues from there.

I would like to know why little boys enjoy destroying everything. It must be innate, because Sarah and Jaley certainly didn't teach Mick to use a fairy wand as a sledge hammer. They also didn't teach him that stomping on bugs is hilarious. He is a boy, and boys just do those sorts of things. Case in point, he slammed the door handle through the wall and thought his destruction was the best entertainment available. What makes his destruction even more amazing is that he somehow accomplished this feat without removing the door stop. I'm not sure how he did it, but the hole in the wall is sure proof that he did.

When Mick isn't destroying the house, he is tons of fun. He is talking up a storm, even in full sentences. The problem is that he doesn't enunciate well - so we don't have a clue what he is saying most of the time. He had a ball at his first Easter egg hunt (and was even more thrilled to learn there was candy in the eggs).

The girls are great. Sarah had a blast on her Spring Break Palooza with Mimi and Poppa. Her travels both ways were very smooth - which made me happy. It was terrific to enjoy a little one on one time with Jaley while Sarah was away.

Amid all the busyness of Easter, I managed to get another year older. It was the 8th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I was spoiled with not one cake, but two. First, a homemade cake by Nana and Jaley, then a surprise cake at my neighbor's Easter party. I live on the best street!!!

That is life in the stroller lane.

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