Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breakaful, Fastly, and Cash Money

Learning a new language is tough, just ask the Parisians how badly I botched up French when we lived there. While my mistakes were far from endearing, the ones my kids make are too cute. I just love the little quirky words they make up as they learn English. Most of them disappear quickly, but there are those few that linger. The ones that I should correct, but I don't. Selfishly, I want to hear their cute personalizations of the English language. Plus, I know they will figure out the right way to say it soon enough.

With Sarah, my favorite was breakaful. Mommy's china was breakaful and so was Sarah's wrist on the monkey bars. Though she has long since dropped the phrase, Scott and I still sometimes say breakaful, just for fun. With Jaley it is fastly. If you ask her, she runs more fastly than any of the other kids and daddy definitely drives more fastly than mommy.

The kids are growing so fast, I know that fastly will most fastly disappear. While I miss Sarah's breakaful and am savoring Jaley's fastly, I'm looking forward to Mick's little talking mistakes. At the rate he is picking up words, he should soon have a few quirky phrases of his own.

I will fastly sum up the rest of household happenings. I just found out I got a nursing scholarship. Yippee!!! It is a grant through NC that emphasizes second career nurses - sound a little like someone you know. The timing is good as my next tuition bill is due. The girls are keeping themselves out of breakaful trouble (mostly). Conversely, Mick is always looking for breakaful trouble (and succeeding). Scott is plugging away at Cisco, working as fastly as ever.

That is life in the stroller lane.


Legal Teas said...

Congratulations! They could not have picked a better student and future outstanding nurse! YOU GO GIRL!

Sarah Carson said...

Umm.. "Legal Teas" is actually Sarah Carson...