Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to Fly On Her Own

They say when the time is right a mama bird watches as her chicks leave the nest to fly on their own. I know just how that mama bird feels; today Sarah flew on her own. Thanks to Southwest airlines and an unaccompanied minor ticket, Sarah flew on her own to Florida to see Mimi and Poppa for Spring Break.

It was a great plan. Sarah's Spring Break was much later than mine. Instead of having her here while I toiled in school, she could frolic in Florida with the state's best tour guides. Way back in January, I brought the ticket, not thinking twice. Today, was a little different. It is tough for us mama birds to let go. We want our chicks to fly, but at the same time we hate for them to leave the nest. Knowing that I would probably cry at the gate, Scott took Sarah to the airport this morning (thanks, Honey). I sat in class waiting for the phone to ring. Good news! Right on time the phone rang, Sarah had landed in Florida, greeted by hugs from Mimi and Poppa. She is in for a week of fun - including Sea World, the beach, and the pool.

With Sarah in Florida, we are a temporary family of four. Jaley didn't get the Florida boondoggle (though she is already preparing for a trip for when she turns 7). We are planning to spoil her a little. Nana is going to have a cookie-baking sleepover and we are going to spend some time relaxing on the Good Friday holiday. I am also planning a few extra snuggles with Mick. He will need them. He adores Sarah and will miss her terribly this week.

For all of you mom's out there whose chicks are older than mine, I know this is just the tip of the nest leaving iceberg. I will look to you and your wisdom to coach me as my chicks flap their wings. I am going to need it.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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