Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Fun and Five

I am five days into my summer vacation. Somethings never change, because
summer vacation is just as nice in my 30's as it was in my teens.

To make my first week of break even better, Jaley turned 5 yesterday. We made sure to celebrate all day -- including candles in her pancakes with Nana at breakfast, cake with her friends at preschool, and ice cream out after dinner. If you were worried that she didn't get to celebrate enough, never fear. The festivities continue this weekend with pool party for her and her friends.

With my second semester complete, I am officially half way through nursing school. It was a tough semester - reminding me of the weed-out classes at Georgia Tech. Too much work and too little time, but it is done. And to quote one of my closest friends "done is good."

The next few weeks are a mix of fun and catch up. Sadly, my to-do list kept on growing despite my best efforts to ignore it during the semester. While I need to get a few things done, the priority is on FUN. It is time to kick back and hang out with the kids and Scott. Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends. I fear some of the folks may have forgotten who I am - it has been so long.

That is the story from the stroller lane.

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