Friday, August 19, 2011

Could You, Would You

I was reading Dr. Suess's Green Eggs & Ham the other day. You know the one. It's about all the places to eat Green Eggs & Ham (in a boat and with a goat...). As I read the book, I got to thinking. I am Sam-I-Am. You just need to swap the food for diapers. After 7+ years of parenting, I have diapered everywhere.

Have I diapered in a boat (yes)
...and with a goat (the zoo)
...and in the rain (pouring)
....and in the dark (too many sleepless nights)
...and on a train (yes)
...and in a car (of course)
...and in a tree (maybe)
...and on a box (definitely)
...and with a fox (maybe not)
...and in a house (a million times)
...and with a mouse (Disney)
...and here and there and ANYWHERE!

But maybe, just maybe, my days of diapering are numbered. Mick has gone in the potty a few times. Yippee. Not often enough to sell our stock in the Pampers company, but enough to let me envision a day when I retire the diaper bag.

As for the rest of the family, we are all gearing up for back to school. Armed with new backpacks and lunch boxes, sharpened pencils and glue sticks, we are ready for the first day. Jaley asks me every morning how many days until kindergarten. T-minus 6 days and counting.

That is life in the stroller lane!

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