Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple Vacation

Exotic vacations are wonderful. If someone offered me tickets to Hawaii, I would be packed in a flash. But sometimes the best vacations are the ones a little closer to home. And so it was last week.

We started the week in the Mountains with Mimi & Poppa. While the rest of the country suffered an inferno of summer heat, we were treated to perfect weather. Sunny and in the 70-80's (yes, you should be jealous). The girls hung out during the day at nature camp - fishing, hiking, and fun. Sarah even caught her first fish (no, we didn't get a picture).

Thanks to some generous babysitting by Mimi and Poppa, Scott and I were also able to enjoy some fishing, hiking and fun of our own. Since we don't know the first thing about fly fishing we wisely signed up with a guide. Thanks to Matt's expertise, both Scott and I were catching fish as soon as we stepped in the river. Scott even snagged an 18" rainbow trout (no, we didn't get a picture of this one either). We also hit the trails. While I always love a good hike, scaling down the edge of McRae Peak on the ladder/rope/scale-the-side-of-a-mountain system at Grandfather Mountain just about scared me to death. I won't be taking that route again.

Then the girls and I continued onto Atlanta for a mother-daughter weekend. We enjoyed a few of the downtown sites on Saturday. We went to a kids museum, rode the subway, and saw a puppet show for the girls. We stayed at the Georgia Tech hotel for me. We enjoyed dinner with my wonderful friend, Priti. And before heading to the suburbs I made sure we got ourselves a parking ticket. It made me feel just like the good old days.

On Sunday, we were spoiled in Alpharetta by my aunt and cousins. It was a great surprise that all of the family was in town. It was so nice catching up. The girls had a blast hanging out with their second cousins. Most importantly, the girls and I were able to enjoy a short visit with my grandfather. I haven't been able to talk to him on the phone recently, and was so happy to spent a little time with him. Unlike fishing, I even remember to snap a few pictures with Papa, but sadly my camera had "issues" and the pictures are lost.

With our wonderful vacation complete, we are home. Summer is coming to a close and a new school year is getting ready to begin (for me and the girls). That is life in the stroller lane.

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