Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bye-Bye Car Seat - Sarah is 8!!!

According to the laws of the great state of North Carolina, Sarah is a big kid and no longer legally requires a car seat. Sarah turned 8 yesterday and another milestone has passed in our house - one car seat down and two more to go. .

We celebrated with a cookie cake at lunchtime on Friday (no cakes in the classroom in 2nd grade) and a girls-only ice skating party. By the end of the party the kids were hyped-up on sugar and the parents were exhausted; it passed the test of a good party. We celebrated as a family that evening and proved that Santa isn't the only one to deliver gifts. Sarah was spoiled by friends and family alike.

As for the rest of the house, we are all well. I survived my first 12-hour night shift (7p-7a) on Friday night (yes, right before the party). Besides being a little tired, it was a great first night on the hospital floor. I am splitting the rest of the semester between days and nights, so I expect to be tired until graduation. If you see me wandering around in a daze, please point me in the right direction and give me a little push.

Scott is busy at work, but also busy trying to ignore that his birthday is arriving in 10 days. He is turning 39! How did that happen? Weren't we just complaining about turning 29 yesterday? But the calendar doesn't lie and that big birthday is just around the corner. To soften the blow, we are headed out with friends next Friday night (thank Nana for babysitting).

Jaley is having fun in kindergarten. She was the "star student" last week (don't worry this isn't a brag - all the kids get to be star for a week). She made a poster and then her teacher and her classmates wrote a book that was about all of her. Plus the 100th day of school is coming up, complete with a t-shirt she decorated with 100 things (thanks again to Nana for doing that project when I was working).

And Mick, he is wild as usual. I have a lot to learn about raising a boy. It is a whole different world. He currently turns everything he can find into a "gun" and "shoots" us. I mean everything. He was "shooting" me with Jaley's fairy wand last night. Where did he learn that? Not from me. Or Scott. And definitely not from the girls. It must just be a boy thing.

And that is the news from the stroller lane.

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