Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Laughs

I hope your New Year is off to a great start. Before I get into the news from the Harrell house, it is time for a little humor. Last week, here is the conversation I had with Mick’s Sunday school teacher.

Teacher: “Your little Mickey must really like Mickey Mouse.”

Me: “Yes, why do you ask?” Meanwhile, I’m thinking of course Mickey loves Mickey Mouse. He shares a name with Disney’s most treasured character and thinks the entire Disney Jr. channel is a personal serenade.

Teacher: “In class, we were asking the kids questions and having them respond. We asked, ’Who is the Son of God?’ All the kids shouted, ‘Jesus’, except Mick who shouted, ‘Mickey Mouse.’ We asked, ‘Who loves you?’ All the kids the shouted, ‘Jesus,’ except Mick who shouted, ‘Mickey Mouse.’ And so the class went.”

Me: I was laughing too hard to even respond.

I just love the things little kids say. It can be endearing, humorous, and embarrassing all in one sentence. Mick is going to grow up soon and stop considering a Mickey Mouse religious figure. Until then, I have to treasure these moments. It may not have made his Sunday school teacher happy, but Mick’s shout out sure cracked me up.

Now that we are back to the regular routine, we need all the humorous relief we can find. I am officially back to school tomorrow, but am already knee deep in assignments. The semester kicks off at 9AM tomorrow with a 3-hour comprehensive test, followed Tuesday with a multi-part practical exam – fun, fun. As busy as I am, I’m not the only one. Scott is on the 6AM flight to San Jose. Sarah is practicing for the class spelling bee. Heck, even the cats have vet appointments this week. Vacation is only a few days past, but it is already a memory.

As for the holidays, we squeezed in lots of fun into a short time. We visited with Mimi and Poppa and spent lots of extra time with Nana. Christmas was a hurricane of wrapping paper – which led to three very happy (and spoiled) kids. On New Year’s Eve we finally saw the Acorn drop in Downtown Raleigh, though we attended the early session and were home before 8:00pm. We ice skated, watched movies, and went to a kids museum. We slept in as late a Mick would allow. In the end, we tried to play as much as possible. We knew the holidays would be over soon, and play time would be a rare commodity once again.

While the New Year’s countdown is over, we have another countdown beginning. I have just one semester left of school. We are counting down these last 16 weeks and hoping life is a little less hectic in May. That is life in the stroller lane.

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