Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's It's Snow, Almost!

Like an April Fool's from Mother Nature, I awoke to hail pelting the house at the speed and volume of a machine-gun. When the wind died down, it looked like a rouge snow storm had hit, except it was 60 degrees outside. Good news, I haven't found any roof leaks (though it was sunny today). The only apparent damage was a few minutes of lost sleep. I hope the neighbors were as lucky.

This week is Spring Break for the girls. Scott packed up the kids and headed South to visit Mimi and Poppa. I have clinicals and class, so I am staying home and manning the fort. While I am bummed to be missing a family vacation (and trust me Mimi had lots of FL fun planned), I only have 4 weeks left of school. Thank God!

The countdown is truly on. I am madly dashing to the finish line, and the rest of the family is cheering me on and doing well. Mick had school pictures. We got the pictures back and I think the photographer airbrushed him - he can't be that grown-up - he is still my baby. Sarah and Jaley are walking the Mills Park "Marathon." Unlike a regular marathon, we have 8 weeks to finish 26.2 miles. That is good news; nursing school has been horrible for my exercise regime. In the spirit of Spring and warm weather, the girls are signed up for Swim Team beginning in May. It turns out Swim Team is a major undertaking for kids and parents alike. Wish me well as a volunteer for the many activities while trying to keep Mick from diving head first into the pool. I may have to bring along a personal life guard, just to keep little guy safe.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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