Friday, May 25, 2012

Have you been to Bald Head Island?

  Have you been to Bald Head Island?  If you haven't, you should go.  We escaped there for a few days last weekend.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Bald Head accessible only by ferry and no cars are allowed.  It is only golf carts on this 12-mile beach.  Even Tropical Storm Alberto couldn't stop our fun.  When the sun wasn't shining, we learned about sea turtles and more at the BHI Conservancy.  We went for a nature hike and watched hundreds of crabs scurry past our feet.  We even made time for a trip to the NC Aquarium in Kure Beach.  The water was cold, but the girls and Scott were brave enough to dive in.  Mick and I stuck to the land.  We relaxed and enjoyed some stress free days - the first in a very long time.  

And the stress free ways will continue for at least the next couple of months.  Yesterday, I passed the my nursing licensing boards. I AM OFFICIALLY a NURSE.  Gigi, RN - that's me.  It has been wild ride since I started this process, but I really went and did it. This crazy dream started in 2008 after a long night in the ER with Sarah, and it is now a reality.  Though I can't quite believe it.  Unlike believing I really am a nurse, I am having no trouble believing I have a two-month break before I start work.  If you want to find me, look for me doing all sorts of "fun mom" things.  I want to catch up for lots of play time that was missed the past 18 months.  

As for the kids, they are doing great.  Jaley and Sarah started the swim team.  So we have been at the pool every night at practice.  While it is a bit of a juggle since the practices run right through dinner time, it is amazing how much they have improved in just two weeks.  Mick is getting so big and continues to say the cutest things - from "dinner is 'licious, so yummy in my tummy" to "I'm grumpy, 'cuz Mommy made me go to bed."  

Scott is getting ready for a two week trip to Asia.  Bring on the jet lag.  

That is life in the stroller lane. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking Lots of Kids Pictures - Its What Moms Do


I thought it was time for a few pictures of the kids, doing what they do best - PLAYING.  While life was busy with me in school, I managed to take a few pictures proving that life wasn't all work and no play.  It was an early Spring, so we went for a family hike at Umstead.  Sarah tried out a little rock climbing.  Jaley set Mick up with the longest Match Box Car train we've ever seen.  And one day when Mick was "napping,"  he turned his room inside out .  Yes, that is Mick on top of a mountain of every book and article of clothing in his room. 

As for school, my official graduation is tomorrow.  Bring on the Pomp & Circumstance, I'm ready to flip my tassel.  Despite the thrill of graduation, I still have one (and only one) hurdle left on my Nursing School Odyssey - passing my boards.   I am scheduled to take my licensing exam, the NCLEX, on May 24th.  It is a national test to ensure I have achieved a "moderate level of competency."  Sadly, the practice tests I've been taking are leaving me feeling less than competent.  Happily, the first time pass rate for UNC grads is something like 98% - I hope those odds hold up for the class of 2012. 

For all the moms out there, have a very happy Mother's Day.  Get spoiled you deserve it.  That is life in the stroller lane.