Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daddy's Home

It took 80 days for author Julio Cortázar to go around the world.  It took Scott 13.  He flew west, first to Shanghai, then to Bangalore, then to Delhi, and finally home completing the circle.  He is exhausted, but it was a very good trip.  He finally met in person some of the people he has worked with for years.  As wonderful as video conferencing is, face-to-face meetings are always better.  

While Scott was away, life here has kept up at its usual busy pace.  Sarah and Jaley finished school - and will be rising into 3rd and 1st grades next year.  Not much work was done in the final days of school, with lots of parties and performances - and a room full of parents with cameras in hand.  

With summer officially under way, camp time started.  Sarah and Jaley spent their days last week at a farm/nature camp - complete with gardening, horseback riding, tending chickens, creek stomping, pond swimming, and hiking.  It sounded like so much fun, I wanted to go, too.  Behold, they said I was too old to be a camper. Instead, I enjoyed some special time with Mick.  It is so rare that I have time with just him, it was really wonderful. 

In between our fun, there were lots of chores and infinite time at the pool.  Swim team is quite the commitment, with 3 practices/week, a Tuesday meet that runs well into the late night hours, and volunteer time for the parents.  If you are looking for us, come by the pool, since we are there more than home.  All that hard work is paying off, the girls are swimming better than ever and I'm sporting my best tans in a decade (despite applying sunscreen by the bucket). 

That is life in the stroller lane.  

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