Friday, June 22, 2012

Recovery is a team sport!

Recovery is a team sport.  Thank you to everyone.  Thanks for all the well wishes.  Thanks for all the notes.  Thanks for all the meals.  Thanks for watching the kids.  And a special thanks to Scott, the kids, and my mom for their tireless help and support this week. 

While everyone one else was busy helping me and the kids, I have been napping and hanging out on the couch.  But today is a big day - I actually got out of my PJ's.  Though, I expect at least another week or so of elastic waist bands, because my belly is still sore and I can't take the "good" pain meds. I have a big bottle of OxyContin and all it does is make me nauseous - what a waste.  No worries, I'm getting by Tylenol and Toradol (Advil's way better cousin).  

Even better than a good start to my recovery is the news this should be my FINAL SURGERY (please, let it be be true, because surgery sucks).  Unlike past visits to the OR, my doctor found a definite reason for my pain - not just the usual post-op "well we hope this surgery worked."  It turns out one of the ligaments holding up my lonely little ovary had torn.  The doctor said to Scott "no wonder she was hurting, that ovary was just flopping around."  He actually compared my ovary to twisting a testicle on a man.  I would have paid money to have seen Scott's face when the doctor made that analogy.

So with this week nearing it's end, we are all looking forward.  Jaley has her first swim meet, go Mini Sea Dragons.  Mick is having a special day with Nana.  And Sarah is headed to Mimi and Poppa's for her week at "Camp Harrell." 

Ellen Degeneres is starting soon, so I better wrap this up.  That is life in the stroller lane. 

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Stefanie said...

Gigi, rather late to learn about ur surgery and sure that u r in good hands I don't want to miss to give u Dr. Zolnoun's name. I work with her at UNC and she is like no other gynocologist. Sure u already know all that- just wanted to make sure you got all u need- wish you the best:) ~ Stefanie