Sunday, July 29, 2012

6-Years-Old and One Big Week

It is amazing how much excitement you can cram into one week if you really try.  So I'll quickly run through the week's headlines.

Number One, is really Number Six - as in Jaley turned 6.  In the quintessential mom cliche, "it seems like she was a baby just yesterday."  No matter what it seems like, she is far from a baby and is growing up so fast.  To honor her birthday, we made sure to celebrate all week.  There was a birthday party at a pottery painting studio,  a pinata at camp, and all you can eat dessert to complete her birthday dinner.  Plus she is now the proud owner of roller blades; I hope I don't have to use any of my nursing skills as she is perfecting her skills.

Next on the list is my reentry into the working world.  I am officially employed as Gigi Harrell, RN.  I am equal parts excited and nervous as I start my new career in the Cardiac ICU.  Last week was all about hospital orientation, my first day with patients is this week.  Despite the reality of all the classes and studying during school, I can't believe I really became a nurse, but I did.

As an added bonus, we said welcome home Fiedlers.  Our amazingly wonderful friends are home for a week in Cary.  We have missed them during their past year in Europe and will miss them when they fly back over the pond for another year away.  But today, we are so glad they are hanging out in the Triangle.

To add even more excitement, there was the end of swim season banquet, a week of sports camp, a neighborhood party at the pool, and the start of the Olympics.

Like I said it was a big week.  Hope yours was just as exciting.  That is life in the stroller lane.

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