Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ferraris and Fireworks

Last week, we escaped Cary for our annual visit to Beech Mountain to visit Mimi and Poppa.  Before the 4th of July festivities began, Scott and I enjoyed a day away.  While any time without kids is exciting, we maximized the opportunity and kicked up the adrenaline.  We headed to Lake Lure, NC to drive some very impressive (and VERY FAST) sports cars.  It was a belated birthday gift for Scott that I enjoy too.  We hugged the corners on windy mountain roads driving five serious cars.  We felt all 690 horses on the Mercedes McLaren, which I must note cost a whopping $450,000 - much more than our house.  We had the top down on the Ferrari and flew around corners in the gangster-looking Bentley ISR.  As if that wasn't good enough, we felt the power of the Jaguar XK and the Audi S4.  It was a great afternoon and tons of fun.  Unfortunately, none of the cars would accommodate a family of five, so at the event's end we turned in the keys and kept our minivan.

That night we headed up the hill to enjoy the rest of our vacation with the kids, Mimi, Poppa, Auntie Em, and Uncle Marcus.  We went to the pool and the river.  We saw fireworks and made s'mores.  The girls went to camp to hike, swim, and meet new friends.  The grown-ups played poker; Marcus came out the big winner with an extra $10 in his pocket.  As usual, Jan and Mike were great hosts.

With vacation in the rear view mirror, we are back home and gearing up to the next big event.  I start work in less than two weeks.  Before then, there is a quick trip to Atlanta to see my grandfather, plus a trip to California for Scott.  So much for a boring summer. 

That is life in the stroller lane.

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