Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Running Out of Runway

The countdown is on and I'm running out of runway.  I start work in just 4 short days.  While I am so excited to start my new career as a nurse, it seems all those loose ends I planned to have wrapped up before my start date haven't been tied yet.  The upstairs AC is on the fritz and my toenails aren't painted.  Both my hair and the hedges could use a trim.  And I definitely need to make a big run to Sam's club, our diaper supply is running precariously low (Mick and potty training are on a break).  As Scott keeps reminding me, the to-do list is never going to get done.  It is already numbered to infinity plus so who cares if the carpets don't get cleaned, I'm taking the girls to the pool tomorrow morning - just for fun. 

While my to-do list has been growing, we have been going.  We made a round trip visit to Atlanta in time that would make Smokey and the Bandit proud.  All told we were only in HotLanta for about 24 hours, but we made it count.  We saw Aunt Marie and the cousins.  We enjoyed lunch with my GT roommate, Priti.  We saw the very entertaining Broadway Dolphin show and more at the Georgia Aquarium .  Most importantly, we visited with Papa, my grandfather.  Just to top off the trip, Scott continued on to CA and I drove back alone with the 3 kids.  Thank God for portable DVD players and video games.  I don't know how my parents ever survived family road trips without the blessing of modern electronics. 

The week was also the end of the swim team season.  For anyone who has ever done swim team, you know that marks the end of a very big commitment for kids and parents alike.  The girls put in their hours in the pool; I did mine at the volunteer table.  On the flip side, the girls are MUCH, MUCH better swimmers than they were before the season began, and I met a ton of new people from my neighborhood.  We aren't changing our name to Phelps, but it was still a good experience. 

Wish me luck as I start work on Monday morning.  That is life in the stroller lane. 

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