Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tales from the Potty Training Trenches

Everyone told me potty training is harder for boys.  But those words of parenting wisdom didn't preparing me for the marathon of potty training Mick.  I would guess we are somewhere around mile 20, but who knows we may still be at the starting line.

Let's see. We started this "process" back in June.  After some initial successes and many accidents, I threw in the towel soon after - right about the time Scott was on a 2-week Asian business trip (coincidence, definitely not).  We regrouped our attack as the summer ended when the daycare dangled the enticement of a price drop contingent on consistently using the potty. 

Where are we now?  We are stuck in a limbo somewhere between diapers and not.  Mick never has an accident as long as he is naked.  Given that we don't live on a nudist colony, this isn't a good solution outside the doors of our home.  So he is a nudist at home and we cross our fingers when we are out of the house. 

Even though he doesn't have accidents at home, that doesn't mean we aren't having other issues.  Last weekend, Mick decided to pee in a cup - yes, pee in a cup.  Needless to say, I had to mop the floor.  Yesterday, he peed on a shovel so he could "scoop his pee-pee."  And I'm sure that there are two young adults suffering from PTSD after Mick greeted them at the door buck-naked.  Poor guys, there were only trying to volunteer registering voters door-to-door.

As I write this note, Mick is squatting on his little potty watching cartoons.  I don't think you will see it on HGTV, but little potties are all the rage in family room decorating trends.  Oh well, some day he will be out of diapers.

Outside of potty training adventures, life is the usual circus.  The first quarter of school is finishing for the girls.  Sarah is joining a new team in gymnastics; Jaley's soccer season is rounding the final turn.  After a wonderful break, Scott's work travel is heating back up.  As for me, I'm am slowly getting my feet under me as a new nurse.  The ICU is intense; I often find myself holding my breath as I figure out all the pumps, procedures, and protocols.  Despite many tragedies, I have seen a few miracles, too.  While some days are hard (very hard), I do love being a nurse. 

That is life in the stroller lane. 

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