Friday, November 16, 2012

Elementary School - A Team Effort

Let me start with the fact that I'm grateful my kids have teachers who care and make learning creative.  But am I the only parent who gets exhausted by school projects?  While I remember doing many project myself as a kid (from science fair to the spelling bee), I didn't realize how much work my mom had to do, too.  Now that I'm the parent, I realizing that school is really a team effort.  In the past two weeks, the kids (with a heavy helping of mom help)  have disguised a paper turkey to protect him from the carving block, made a 3-D pumpkin to represent the story book character Just Grace to accompany a book report, made a family feather (don't ask), chased to two super markets to find pita bread, sent in pack of exactly 21 plastic spoons, collected can goods for two different food drives, collected pennies for Pennies for Pasta, and purchased turkey gravy for an in class Thanksgiving feast.  I may have to start pulling all nighters to keep up with this work load.

Good news, the kids have received passing grades, and I think the rush of class projects is calming down.  Which is good since, the holiday rush is upon us.  Black Friday is just a week away and one of the local radio stations has swapped to 24/7 Christmas music. While they are busy, the holidays are always fun.  We are looking forward to seeing Mimi & Poppa next week for Turkey Day.  The kids are working hard on their lists for Santa.  And my annual Ladies Holiday Tea (or is it Champange) is booked, join me if you can.  The Harrell's have been working WAY TOO much lately - it is time to bring on the fun.

That is life in the stroller lane.  

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