Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Not Pregnant, but the News is Almost that Big...

Like all good Americans, Scott and I broke our New Year's Resolution not long after the confetti fell.  On December 31st, we resolved to have a boring year.  In 2013, we were just going to "stay the course."  I am almost settled into my new nursing career, Scott's job is very good, the girls are at a great public school, family is nearby, and our neighbors and friends are terrific. 

Our resolution lasted about 48 hours, when opportunity came knocking.  The kind of opportunity that pounds really loud on the door in the middle of the night.  And in a big leap of faith, we opened that door.   

After almost 14 years in North Carolina, the Harrells are moving to California.  Cali-Freakin-Fornia!!!! 

I can't even believe it.  We are moving to the Bay Area, just south of San Francisco.  While it won't be swimming pools and movie stars, it sure is an adventure.

Scott has accepted a new position at Cisco.  He is back to marketing after spending the last year in engineering.  He is leading a Security group;  working on lots of very cool technology to keep all the bad guys from getting into computers, networks, and devices big and small.  After over 12 years working in Access Routing, Scott is very excited to be learning about new technology.  It is a great opportunity for Scott.  The kids and I are so proud of him.  Scott started at Cisco in 2001 as an Intern, it is the modern day equivalent of starting in the mail room and working your way up. 

Scott has already started on his new career adventure and is commuting between Cary and San Jose every week.  Thank God, they finally opened up a direct flight just 4 months ago.  The kids and I are manning the fort here.  We are going to ride out the school year and get our home in Cary ready for a new family to enjoy as much as we have.

And since, running a family of five is a full-time job in and of itself, I have decided to take a sabatical from nursing.  While I'm sad to leave my brand new career, I'm so excited to be a stay-at-home mom.  In my 9-years of motherhood, I have never been a stay-at-home mom unless I was on a doctor- ordered bedrest.  This is going to be fun!  I am really looking forward to focusing on the kids and the house in the coming months as we embark on our new adventure.

Plus, I have to prepare myself for the California lifestyle.  I must learn important things such as:  Is wheat grass a grain or a vegetable? Are boob jobs required by law?  Where I can find cheap gas at only five dollars a gallon?

That is life in the stroller lane.   

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