Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Seven Month Headache

So I have had this one single headache for seven straight months.  That's right!  Every single day since August, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I've had a headache on the left side of my head with the exception of two-four day stretches (thanks to two prednisone dose packs).  Needless to say, I've been a wee bit bitchy the last 7 months.  But Scott and the kids have been so kind.  I will most definitely nominate them for sainthood.  

But, thankfully, the headache has FINALLY broken.  I have been virtually headache free for  two weeks.  The cocktail of medicines is finally working.  And it is quite a cocktail.  I'm taking more meds than many of the patients I treated in the hospital.  Some good, some less so, but all are very expensive.  First, there is Topamax.  It is the most important in the mix.  It has the lovely side effect of forgetfulness.  The half full is I forget to eat, I like most people on this med have lost a few pounds.  The half empty, I forgot my phone number last week.  Next, there is Lyrica.  It is that new "miracle" drug they advertise on TV for just about everything.  Well, I'm on the bandwagon.  Then, there is the whole hormone regimen.  Remember when Suzanne Somers was touting the whole hormone replacement thing on Oprah, well that is me these days.  It turns out those little bitty almond size ovaries make a whole lot more than eggs. 

But really, the meds are just trying to break the headache.  It was like a forest fire that had gotten way out of control.  A perfect storm of sorts that all crashed together back in August.

First and foremost, this is a continuation of the whole pelvic pain saga that started 5 years ago.  Apparently my body didn't like being thrown into sudden surgical menopause.  My hormones were way out of whack and no one was checking them closely.  It wasn't initially obvious, because of the other problems.

Second, I got a raging left sided sinus infection that wouldn't clear despite several rounds of antibiotics and prednisone.   After two-months of trying everything, I finally had sinus surgery in November.  The doctor broke open the sinus bones to help prevent future infections.  It did wonders for my sinus and thankfully no more infection.

Third, I guess I was grinding my teeth at night.  The dentist got that fixed with a night guard.

Fourth, some old injuries in my neck weren't helping things.  I probably fell on my head too many times as a kid in gymnastics.

It took many, many doctors, including regular doctor, a Neurologist, a GYN, an ENT, and even an Acupuncturist.  Today, that perfect storm is just a little rain.  The hope is that most of the meds will only be for a few months and, if I'm lucky the headaches will be gone for good.  If not, at least I know the secret recipe to cure them. Of course, I better write it down, since I forget everything when I'm taking Topamax.

That is the headache free life in the stroller lane. 

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