Monday, March 25, 2013

The Trailing Spouse

According to the relocation company, I have a new official title, trailing spouse. One spouse is relo’d and the other spouse mans (or womans) the fort until he (or she) can move the troops.  Job description:  No pay and more work than the spouse’s prior full-time job.  Though I knew this was what our family was doing, I didn’t know I had an official title.  Despite the hard work it has a few advantages, like mac-n-cheese for dinner many nights.  With three kids and a house to sell, it has some disadvantages, too.  We miss Scott and look forward to a time when the kids and I are no longer trailing behind, though not before we bid proper adieu to NC.

I am somewhere over Kansas right now, headed to California for house-hunting trip (though it will post sometime later).  THANKS NANA FOR WATCHING THE KIDS!!! It is a fitting place to write this, because my entire life is split half way between NC and CA.  I am working to close out our wonderful time in NC while simultaneously trying to start a terrific new beginning in CA.  The problem is there aren’t enough hours in the day to do this and keep up with all the regular stuff of life as a single parent.  So mostly I am really, really tired.  News Flash:  Moving is a pain in the ass. 
Most of you know this fact about moving, as you have already moved many times with your own families.  Heck, my BFF Stephanie packed it up and went to Slovakia on an ex-pat assignment– that makes California seem like a trip to Target.  

A trip to Target it is not.  There are seven million questions that need to be answered.  From the big, what city are we going to call home in California? We have no idea. To the small, do we have a termite warranty on the house? Yes.  All share one thing in common, they are urgent. 
So as my new title states, I am trailing Scott.  He is already in CA and I am meeting him there for the weekend.  Our hope is to figure out which city we would like to call home.  The Bay Area is a crazy seller’s market, with houses getting dozens (yes, dozens) of offers and going for way over list price, despite their crazy high price tags.  So this weekend, we aren’t even thinking about buying.  That is an urgent question that will just have to wait for another day.   

 That is life in the stroller lane. 

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