Friday, April 26, 2013

I Don't Speak English

Mick and I are at the grocery store this week.  We finish loading the reusable bags in the trunk (I'm getting ready for life in Cali) and I say, "Mick, go ahead and get in the car."  He doesn't.  So I say it again. 

To which he replies, in English, "No Mommy, I don't speak English, I can't get in the car, 'cuz I don't understand you."  Apparently, America's immigration problem is hitting closer to home than I ever realized.  And I laughed my "culo" off the entire way home.

Beyond having to teach Mick some surprise English lessons, this week has been the next phase in selling the house, repair negotiations.  If only the buyer and the seller could just sit down together over a cup of coffee and discuss this stuff in person, but instead, it is like a that childhood game, "telephone."  I say something to my agent, who says something to the relocation company, who says something to their agent, who says something to the home inspector, who says something to the buyer, and then all the way back again.  By the time it gets full circle, it is practically Mick's assertion of not speaking English, because nothing makes any sense at the end of the circle. After a week of this vicious circle, I think we are in agreement.  Either way, I have people lined up to repair stuff at the house next week.  And hopefully, in the next week or two all these details will be closed.  If not, don't be surprised if you find me pulling out my hair.  The telephone game is not nearly as much fun as it was in 3rd grade. 

That is life in the stroller lane.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Beautiful Home - Sold In 4 Hours!!!

A decade ago I walked into this home and knew in less than five minutes it was the house for us. If I weren't moving, I would buy our house all over again.  It is a great home, on a wonderful cul-de-sac, in a fantastic neighborhood, with awesome schools, and absolutely-positively terrific neighbors.   Last Wednesday night, another family agreed.  In fact two families did.

Now let me tell you our crazy very, very, very, very lucky selling story!  Who says the suburbs aren't wild.  Last Wednesday was one crazy night.

The house went onto MLS at 4:15pm, right as the kids walked in door from school, not the best timing, but that is life.  My agent was calling my cell asking me to review all of the documents online, but I couldn't, because at 4:17pm, the home phone was ringing asking to set up our first showing at 5:30pm (I had requested one hour's notice).  Now the race was on - homework, dinner, and a full house clean up in only an hour - oh my.  We were pulling out of the driveway at 5:15pm and they were already waiting outside - early YIKES.

We went out for fro-yo to kill the time until we could go home at 6:30pm, and then there was a request for another showing, so we went to the mall.  And then there was a request for yet another showing.  Yes, the third and it had only been on the market two hours.  So we walked the mall some more.

By now my agent was calling saying both of the first two showings were going to make offers that night.  I was trying to keep the kids somewhat contained at the mall, while answering all the calls and texts from the agent, and in between trying to let Scott know what was going on.

We didn't get home until well after bed time.  I quickly tucked the kiddos into bed and back to the phones.  The offers were coming in, but I still hadn't talked to Scott.  Just a text saying things were looking good.  He was tied up in evening meetings.  So I was negotiating the terms here, and he was working out there.  Finally, he was free and all the dust had settled here.  By midnight we had the blessing of two finalized, great offers for our house, of which we were able to choose the one that was best for our family.

This home was Scott and my first home.  We were practically newlyweds.  Just the two of us.  Now we are a family of five.  It holds so many beautiful memories.  We are so excited about our new beginning in California, but will miss this wonderful home that has cared for us through all of life's many ups and occasional downs.  So on June 14th, we transition our home to a new family.  We hope that this house cares for them as well as it has cared for us.

If you are curious what our house looked liked (for once without the toys a strew) - check it Our House

That is life in the stroller lane. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Much Needed Easter R&R

So enough about our move!!!  It is most of the focus these days, but we do still have a life outside of moving to California.  And we took advantage of that last week.  The family headed south to Vero Beach for fun in the sun with Mimi & Poppa.  As usual, they were the hosts with the mosts.  They spoiled the grandkids (and Scott and I, too).

The best part about the trip was spending time together as a family.  Scott has been on the road since January.  This was our first time to kick back and unwind in two months.  It was also the most time we have spent as a family.  We all needed this.

On Wednesday, three of us flew home; Scott was back to work; Jaley's vacation continued.  She stayed a few extra days with Mimi & Poppa for some special time.  They headed to Sea World and lots of other fun places.  On Friday, she flew back.  Yes, my baby girl (still only 6) flew as an unaccompanied minor.  Sarah flew at 7 and Jaley wanted the chance to fly solo, too.  This was her only chance before heading West.  Thankfully, it was only a quick 80 minute non-stop flight.  While I worried, she never missed a beat.  She sat next to other kids on the flight and wasn't phased in the least about traveling alone; she wanted vacation to last forever.  I can't say I blame her, but I sure was happy to have my baby girl back home.  Kids are so much work, but I sure do miss them when they are away.  

Now we are back to  reality.  Scott is back to California, the kids are back to school, and I'm back to relocating our family.  Our house goes on the market tomorrow and we are headed to California in a few weeks to try and buy a new (to us) one there.  Until then, we are treasuring our fun in the Florida sun and glad the great weather followed us home.

That is life in the stroller lane.