Friday, May 3, 2013

Jaley Turned 6 3/4 - Of Couse We Had a Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a 6 3/4 Birthday Party for Jaley.  So of course, we had a birthday party for her.  Doesn't everyone celebrate their child's 1/4 birthdays?  Just kidding.  I haven't gotten that over exuberant in celebrating the kids' milestones.  It is just that Jaley will turn 7 soon after we move and a party with friends would be impossible from California.  Hosting it for her 6 3/4 seemed to have a better ring to it, than she'll be 7 soon. So that is just what we did.  

Last Saturday, our giggling, gaggle of 7 year-olds invaded a nail salon to be pampered at a mani-pedi party.  Yes, our kids are spoiled.  We already know this.  Then, we enjoyed a doughnut cake at the Dunkin' Donuts next door.  Jaley asked for this specifically, so I managed to persuade the local Dunkin' Donuts owner to custom decorate a collection of frosted doughnuts.  Everyone was sugared up; Jaley was thrilled; I used a coupon; we were all happy.

On the home front, Scott is home.  He is here for an entire week!!!  Yippee!!!  This is huge, because he has only spent one other week home since January and due to extenuating circumstances he didn't really feel like he was at home that week.

The girls had field day at school this week, though Mother Nature hasn't been very cooperative.  Mick is, well, Mick.  He is back to speaking English again.  Good news there.  He is my go with the flow kid.  Which is such a blessing, because I need go with the flow.

That is life in the stroller lane. 

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