Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kids Will Try Anything Not to Eat Vegetables!

Last week I'm eating lunch with Mick and have the audacity to serve carrots.  You know the cute little baby carrots that all kids like.  Well, that wasn't the case last week.  Here was our conversation.

I said, "Mick, please eat some of your carrots."

He replied, "I don't like carrots."

"Well, you like ranch dip, so have a little of that and eat a few of them, then you can have a treat."  (Aside:  Yes, we have do have a veggies for treats barter system at our house.  And yes, I know it goes against the rules of every parenting book every printed.  The funny thing about parenting books - as soon as you have kids you no longer have any time to read them - so barter veggies for treats it is...)

Mick argues back, "Carrots are grown up food, like sushi."

"No their not, Sarah and Jaley eat carrots."

Mick giggles, "Oops, I meant to say, I'm 'llergic to carrots, I can't eat them."

To which I try to respond with a straight face, "You're not allergic to carrots."  Mostly, I'm trying to stifle a laugh and not pee my pants laughing.

While I never did get Mick to eat his carrots at least I got some other veggies into his belly and decided that the boy has a true future in sales. 

That is life in the stroller lane. 

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