Saturday, June 1, 2013

Water Fights and Fireflies - A Final Friday Night on "Wood" Street

It wasn't fanfare or even scheduled, but it was the perfect last Friday night on the "Wood" street before we move.  Last night was exactly why I have always loved our street and our neighbors, why it is just so hard to leave.  The kids ran around in a posse having squirt gun fights and chasing fireflies.  They made up games with complicated rules and disappeared into the backyards for long stretches.  All the while the parents chatted with only a loose eye on the kids from the cul-de-sac. 

I don't know every single neighbor, but I know most of them and many of them very well.  These are my friends; the friends I have shared my life's ups and down over the last decade.  The ones who have seen me at my best and, well, the other 99% of life.  And guess, what, they are still there smiling with me, lending a hand at just the right moment, laughing when I need it, and giving me a glass of wine when I really need it.

It is a street where kids can still walk home from the bus stop and knock on doors until they find enough kids to come out and play.  It is a street where there are block parties, egg hunts, and poker nights.  It is a street where neighbors bake casseroles whenever someone is sick or has a baby (and there have been many, many babies over the years).  It is a street that shares -  toys and games and endless baby clothes.  It is a street that simply gets to know one another. 

Thanks to all the friends on the "Wood" streets in Cary.  I am starting to cry as I write this.  The Harrell's are so excited for their new adventure, but so sad to leave this wonderful place. Our house has been a wonderful home, but what has made this place truly special is the people.  We have adored being part of the "Wood" street crew.  Thank you to all of our neighbors for your support, friendship, and love through the years.  Now come and visit us in California!!! 

That is life in the stroller lane. 

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