Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Chance to Brag About Scott

Normally I brag about the kids.  It is what we moms like to do, at least when we aren't too exhausted by raising them. Tonight, it is time to brag a little about Scott without any fear of getting getting " Gordon Gekko'd, " Remember, the movie Wall Street?  Now, it is public, and now I can talk.

Today, Cisco announced it was buying Sourcefire, the Baltimore, MD based Internet Security (anti-hacking) company to the tune of a $2.7 billion.  That company, that product line, that stuff, is all Scott's product line.  He has been in on the deal since day one. In order to keep the deal under wraps only a few people were working on the acquisition. 

So while, it has made for quite a challenge for settling here in California.  Oh, the irony that after 6 straight months of traveling from Raleigh to California, without a single East Coast trip, now Scott has been traveling nearly weekly from California to the East Coast.  BUT, it has been one heck of an opportunity. One, amazing GIANT opportunity, that has come with plenty of work too. And today, that work paid off, with a public announcement in Baltimore, with Cisco CEO John Chambers there for the announcement along with lots and lots of press coverage. 

Tonight, Scott is on a plane back to California.  We are hoping to move into our home soon-ish.  But, like the willow tree, we are flexible.  We have our temp housing until the end of August.  So there is no rush.  I am using the time to make our home a little more "comfortable."  If we didn't own the home, I would need to be licensed as a general contractor to be managing this many subcontractors.  Just this week, there were roof, paint, floor, plumbing, landscape, and debris clearing teams involved.  Comfort is a loose term here in California.  North Carolina might say habitable.  Either way our furniture is there, the utilities are on, and our bills (no surprise) are being delivered, so some things feel like home, even if we don't actually live there yet. 

That is life in the Stroller Lane. 

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