Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Mom, we don't have an OFF button."

Christmas is a week away!  Company is arriving in five days.  School is finished for break tomorrow!  My kids are wound up!  I mean my kids are REALLY WOUND UP!!!

This morning, I said, "Kids, calm down," for the zillionth time.

Sarah sincerely replied,  "I am so sorry Mom, but it is too close to Christmas and we don't have an OFF button." 

Oh well, at least it is a happy wound up.  They were signing (screaming) Jingle Bells at 7:10AM, while jumping on the bed.  That was before any of the omnipresent holiday sugar had even been imbibed for the day.  I figured if I can't beat them join, I darn well better join them.  I started howling a very off key rendition of Jingle Bells, too.  I might have heard some coyotes howling in the hills, we were just that good. 

With the final count down to Santa's arrival, I am in a world of rush, trying to get ready for the big day.  I managed to get the bulk of the wrapping done earlier this week.  I do believe volcanoes have erupted and created less mess.  Later in the week is the big run to the grocery store.  I need to stock the pantry as if an army were arriving.   Plus, there are the school parties and the cooking and the last minute gifts and all the regular stuff of life.  I don't really need to tell you about any of this, because I'm sure you are pretty much doing the same thing, too. 

Sure enough the rush will pass and then, assuming I made the nice list, Santa will arrive.  All that work will totally be worth it.  That is life in the Holiday Stroller Lane. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas in New York - And Santa Just Sent me a Plumber for an Early Christmas Gift

Nothing says Christmas like a December visit to New York City!  And that is what the Harrell ladies just did.  It was Mimi's dream for many years to take all her girls (Emily, Sarah, Jaley, and lucky me) to NYC for a Holiday Extravaganza and she sure did make her dream come true.  Jan can definitely be my personal travel agent any time.  She can plan out one heck of a trip. 

While I won't say we did it all, because you can never do it all in NYC, we sure did a lot.  We went to the top of the Statue of Liberty and remembered our roots.  We saw the Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall.  We saw the Lion King on Broadway.   We had High Tea at the Plaza. We took a Carriage Ride through Central Park.  We went to the Top of the Rock and took in the amazing views of the city.  Plus for a suburbanite like me, just enjoying the windows on 5th Avenue and absorbing the vibe of The City were sites into themselves. 

Site seeing aside, I don't want to forget the shopping.  Oh, did we shop.  We shopped on the street.  We shopped in the gift shops.  We shopped in the little boutiques.  We shopped in FAO Schwarz.  And, we did some damage shopping in the worlds biggest Macy's.  Our bags were full, our wallets were not.  
Like all trips, this one came to an end and we headed West again.  However, it isn't long until the next break.  The Winter School Break is only a few days away, which means I better get busy getting ready for Christmas.  Unlike NYC, our home is not yet decorated and prepped for the holiday.

While I still have many things to get ready for Christmas, Santa just delivered one gift to my door.  One of the toilets broke the morning (it happens in an old house).  I figured I would deal with it later, as it wasn't actively leaking (see how my priorities have changed in this older home).  Five minutes ago there was a knock at my door and a plumber was literally standing at my door!!!!  I hadn't called a plumber - he had come to the wrong address.  I welcomed him in anyhow.  He fixed the toilet in 10 minutes for cash money and then went onto our neighbor's house!  I told you - Santa just delivered a gift to my door.  Plus, I have the plumber's name and number for future reference. 

May Santa deliver whatever you need right to your door.  That is life in the stroller lane!!!