Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Mom, we don't have an OFF button."

Christmas is a week away!  Company is arriving in five days.  School is finished for break tomorrow!  My kids are wound up!  I mean my kids are REALLY WOUND UP!!!

This morning, I said, "Kids, calm down," for the zillionth time.

Sarah sincerely replied,  "I am so sorry Mom, but it is too close to Christmas and we don't have an OFF button." 

Oh well, at least it is a happy wound up.  They were signing (screaming) Jingle Bells at 7:10AM, while jumping on the bed.  That was before any of the omnipresent holiday sugar had even been imbibed for the day.  I figured if I can't beat them join, I darn well better join them.  I started howling a very off key rendition of Jingle Bells, too.  I might have heard some coyotes howling in the hills, we were just that good. 

With the final count down to Santa's arrival, I am in a world of rush, trying to get ready for the big day.  I managed to get the bulk of the wrapping done earlier this week.  I do believe volcanoes have erupted and created less mess.  Later in the week is the big run to the grocery store.  I need to stock the pantry as if an army were arriving.   Plus, there are the school parties and the cooking and the last minute gifts and all the regular stuff of life.  I don't really need to tell you about any of this, because I'm sure you are pretty much doing the same thing, too. 

Sure enough the rush will pass and then, assuming I made the nice list, Santa will arrive.  All that work will totally be worth it.  That is life in the Holiday Stroller Lane. 

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